Inspections without the paper!

Guaranteed to reduce inspection times by at least 50%



"Go-Inspect is the most cost effective comprehensive inspection app for mobile and tablet devices."

Customisable Checklists / Inspections

Ability to create your own checklists or inspections on Go-Inspect web portal, with a single click on the app your new template will be on your device

Dashboard Reporting with Exports

Export your reports in any of the following formats at the click of a button .CSV .XML .PDF .JSON

Web Portal / Companion App

A web portal that was designed to manage users, tasks and the creation of custom inspections or checklists. Go-Inspect is a complete software suite that has a web portal and a free companion app for phones or tablets

Cloud Backup with 512bit Security

Not only do we take data security seriously, but we take the backing up of your data even more. All of your inspections are backed up daily to our secure cloud and your data is protected by 512bit security.

About Go Inspect


“If you are carrying out regular inspections or performing safety checklists then you need Go-Inspect”


The Portal

Say goodbye to paper. Go-Inspect allows the user to upload inspections from their mobile device straight to the Go-Inspect web portal.

Template Library

Over 50 stock inspection templates freely available ranging from licensed premises fire safety, inspection checklist for construction sites to health and social care inspections.

Dashboard Reporting

Dashboards for statistical reporting.

Centralise Storage

Store all of your inspection reports, photos and comments in the Go-Inspect portal allowing the retrieval of your information anywhere, anytime.

Go-Inspect Portal on Desktop

User Interaction

Drag and drop editing interface. Sign off your inspections with an electronic signature.

Reduce Errors

Create unlimited custom templates by simply dragging and dropping question types and their potential answers on to the screen.

Additional Features

Create and assign inspections to users knowing each inspection will be backed up daily to our secure cloud.



At KoreSupport we offer various pricing options based on our clients needs. You have a subscription based pricing model, either monthly or on an annual basis. You can also buy the Go-Inspect Management Suite as a one-off purchase.

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The App

“Go-Inspect gives you the power of the desktop in your palm. Create your users, inspections and checklists all in the comfort of your office, and then use the free companion app when on site.”

Go-Inspect works brilliantly with iPhone & iPad technology

The Developers


The team at KoreSupport develop world class software applications that enable our clients to manage their businesses more effectively and achieve a competitive advantage over alternative applications..

We develop all of our software in house from the ground up using the latest technologies, following industry best practices and in partnership with expert industry practitioners.

With a customer base located in 5 continents around the world ranging from the oil and gas industry to defense contractors working for the government to corporate companies, our expertise knows no bounds.

With products ranging from Healthcare, Health and Safety, Housing Associations, construction, integration and the supply chain for Capital Projects we are both flexible and diverse.




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