create checklists, carry out inspections and file reports directly from a mobile phone or tablet

Available on all major mobile platforms



Go-Inspect is the most comprehensive and effective inspection app on the market and is guaranteed to reduce inspection times by at least 50%. It is a bold claim but is backed up by a purpose built and customisable inspection app that is designed with the end user, the inspector, in mind.

Customisable Checklists & Inspections

Ability to create your own checklists or inspections on Go-Inspect web portal, with a single click on the app your new template will be on your device

Web Portal / Companion App

A web portal that was designed to manage users, tasks and the creation of custom inspections or checklists. Go-Inspect is a complete software suite that has a web portal and a free companion app for phones or tablets

Dashboard Reporting with Exports

Export your reports in any of the following formats at the click of a button .CSV .XML .PDF .JSON

Cloud Backup with 512bit Security

We take data security seriously, but we take the backing up of your data even more. All of your inspections are backed up daily to our secure cloud and your data is protected by 512bit security.



The GoInspect Portal is designed to allow office based workers the ability to schedule inspections, create inspection forms and review KPI.  Using the latest in drag and drop technology users can build highly customised forms in minutes or simply select from a vast user created library and edit them to suit their own requirements.

With the ability to create remedial / follow up actions, GoInspect ensures that all parties are fully informed and are notified should an issue arise 

Drag and Drop Template Builder

Create any type of checklist or inspection you like with our Drag and drop builder

Pending Inspections 

View all inspection awaiting completion, reallocate inspection if staff are sick or even send updates before an inspection is started 

Set Rules for Specific Questions

GoInspect allows you to define each question with unique rules, even the ability to give your inspectors additional information for that specific question 

Inspection Creation 

Create your inspections for you or your team in seconds all using pre-populated drop-down menus

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Schedule Tasks

Create and assign inspections to users knowing each inspection will be backed up daily to our secure cloud.

Dashboard Reporting

Share collected results with office systems, cloud services to analyse, and continuously improve inspection processes by using our automated dashboards

Drag & Drop Techonlogy

Drag and drop editing interface. Create unlimited custom templates by simply dragging and dropping question types and their potential answers on to the screen.

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Centralise Storage

Store all of your inspection reports, photos and comments in the Go-Inspect portal allowing the retrieval of your information anywhere, anytime

Template Library

Over 50 stock inspection templates freely available ranging from licensed premises fire safety, inspection checklist for construction sites to health and social care inspections.

PDF Report

Constant and readable format delivered in high quality PDF format with the ability to have each report fully customised to your companies style 

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Year Launched


Inspections Completed


Active Users


Minutes saved per inspection

"Having used Go-Inspect for over a year, we have experienced a significant reduction in time when conducting our site inspections, on average as a company we save 30 mins per inspection.


Shaun Harris - HSE - AD Construction

Ad Hoc Inspection

Create inspections directly on your phone even when you have no signal 


In App notifications ensure that you never miss an inspection, or if you were in an area without mobile coverage as soon as GoInspect detects a data signal, it will ask if you'd like to submit your completed inspections 

Annotate Photos

Directly annotate your photos on your phone, and review before submitting 

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Simple, Intutative and easy to use

GoInspect has been carefully designed to ensure that any user can literally pick up their own device and within a few minutes get up and running 

Remedial Actions

GoInspect automatically alerts you to a previous failure / unsafe activity at the same location, incredibly useful for Safety Inspectors / Housing Officers   

Template Library

Over 50 stock inspection templates freely available ranging from licensed premises fire safety, inspection checklist for construction sites to health and social care inspections.

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Go-inspect App is available for iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets, it is the ultimate app for any company that carries out inspections regularly.  Giving you the power of the desktop in your palm.


Inspectors can access the same templates to use which ensures consistency in the work as well as optimum user experience and leaves no room for staff errors. With a single click on the app, new templates can be added from the web portal which is excellent news for staff working remotely as it eliminates the need for reprinting checklists or having to return to the office to make changes. 


Never miss an important inspection

Archive of all Inspections 

Recall or Duplicate previous inspections 

View Inspection 

View all of your inspections or see the ones due today

Ad Hoc Inspection 

Just noticed something that you want to Inspect but dont have an inspection already created? No worries, you can do it on you phone 

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