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Go-Inspect: The Fire Inspection Software and App...

Proper fire inspections are not just important for fire safety, it is the law.

The penalty for not having an appropriate Fire Risk Assessment and suitable fire safety precautions can be prosecution, with severe fines and, if extreme negligence is proven, prison terms.

In the UK, every business must have a “Responsible Person” who carries out risk assessments.

Some use outside companies to do this for them but it is also possible for an individual within the company to be this person.

When you have a designated Responsible Person, it is vital that their job is clear and easy to maintain. If you have more than 4 employees, the assessments MUST be documented.

Make Fire Inspections and Risk Assessments Easy

Go-inspect is created with ease of use in mind yet is still comprehensive enough to enable even the most extensive assessments to be done with ease. Checklists and requirements can be created within the Web Portal app.go-inspect.com and the complimentary app can be downloaded on iOS, Windows and Android phones.

When the template is created, it can be sent to the app with a recurring deadline which ensures the inspector is always up to date.

Using their own phone, the Responsible Person can carry out the inspection and assessment with ease and safe in the knowledge that the information is being recorded properly, ready to be sent to the web portal without any additional admin work required.

What to Include in a Fire Inspection

Keeping up to date with changes in office layouts, personnel, warehousing methods etc is vital to maintaining effective fire protection methods. Below are some examples of things to include.

  • Correctly identify the potential causes of fire in the business

  • Identify the people at risk

  • Assess the suitability of fire safety measures in place, like fire alarm systems and escape routes

  • Assess the ongoing management of fire safety in the business, such as fire drills and staff training

  • Develop a fire safety action plan if changes are needed

  • Record all the significant findings

  • Implement the action plan if one is needed

  • Keep the fire risk assessment updated on an ongoing basis

Although this list seems quite short, it is meant to be an indicator and not an exhaustive list. In addition, these things should be assessed for different areas of the business on an individual basis; for example, the office, warehouse and car park are different areas which have their own risks and must be assessed individually.

With Go-Inspect you can easily create these individual areas and requirements as well as add more or edit them as the business grows.

Inspection Data Security

The security of data is of paramount importance to Kore Support and so they have implemented 512bit security to Go-Inspect as well as daily backups of all data to their secure cloud. In the internet age, this is extremely important and along with all the other benefits of the inspection solution, the added security of Go-Inspect should be a major factor in your decision to adopt it instead of paper based inspections and reporting.

If you would like to trial Go-Inspect free for 14 days click here

Available on all major mobile platforms

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