The Inspection Software and App that makes Inspections Easier and Faster

Guaranteed to reduce inspection times by at least 50%

Go-Inspect is the most comprehensive and effective inspection apps on the market and is guaranteed to reduce inspection times by at least 50%. It is a bold claim but is backed up by a purpose built and customisable inspection app that is designed with the end user, the inspector, in mind. Not only that but it is supported by a web portal which allows for management to create and manage inspection checklists and have easy access to the data recorded which saves time on reporting, data entry and data security.

Mobile Inspection App

As the Go-inspect App is available for iOS, Android and Windows phones, it is the ultimate app for any company that carries out inspections regularly. Easily installed on any smartphone, the set up cost is minimal as the inspectors can generally use their existing phones. With the checklists or inspections set up through the web portal, all inspectors can access the same templates to use which ensures consistency in the work as well as optimum user experience and leaves no room for staff errors. With a single click on the app, new templates can be added from the web portal which is excellent news for staff working remotely as it eliminates the need for reprinting checklists or having to return to the office to make changes.

The Easy to Use Inspection App

GoInspect Mobile App

When building Go-Inspect, the team at Kore Support were aware of the fact that moving from paper inspections to an app based inspection could be met with opposition from those who had “always done it this way” and did not want to change their tried and tested method. For this reason, it was important that the app was easy to use and still powerful enough to meet the needs of all types of inspections. Through the creation of the web portal which can be managed easily from a desktop, using the app was made incredibly easy and ensured that the users do not need to be trying to do extensive tasks on a phone screen. Instead, the app is used on-site by the end user and is perfect for even the most ardent pen pusher!

Checklist Inspections

The core purpose of the inspection software is to enable faster completion of inspections of any kind. Whether these are housing inspections, safety inspections, workplace or warehouse inspections or any other type, Go-Inspect has the solution. With over 50 templates to work with, each of which is fully customisable to suit your needs, the ease of use and simplicity of getting started makes this solution for faster inspections the best in its field. It is simply the most cost effective method of producing faster inspections which are accurate and provide excellent reporting methods through the dashboard.

Inspection Data Security

The security of data is of paramount importance to Kore Support and so they have implemented 512bit security to Go-Inspect as well as daily backups of all data to their secure cloud. In the internet age, this is extremely important and along with all the other benefits of the inspection solution, the added security of Go-Inspect should be a major factor in your decision to adopt it instead of paper based inspections and reporting.

If you would like to trial Go-Inspect free for 14 days click here

Available on all major mobile platforms

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