Go-Inspect: Checklist Inspections Made Easy

A Simple to Use Inspection App which is versatile enough for all requirements

When it comes to inspection apps and software, there is are a number available for a couple of popular specific niches with tons of features and focus on servicing those needs. However, there are hundreds of different applications for Go-Inspect due to its versatility and adaptability. The software portal allows management to set an unlimited number of custom designed inspections for any purpose and individually allocate these to the different inspectors.

The inspectors can then carry out their inspections and upload the results to the portal giving management all of their key inspection data stored in one secure place, ready to be accessed by the relevant people at any time, from anywhere.

Go-Inspect allows you to create your own customized checklist and questionnaire quickly and easily. Set up your own template for inspections, create more specialized templates for specific tasks and add or edit the templates at any time using the web portal. Changes made are almost instantly recognized by the app on the inspector’s phone so even when out and about, you can ensure that you are getting the latest up to date information

The App for Housing Inspections

Whether you are a landlord, a contractor, a real estate agent, a surveyor or anyone else who regularly inspects housing, the flexibility of Go-Inspect allows you to finish these tasks more efficiently than ever before. Including only the information you need for your housing inspections allows much more detailed data which is completely relevant to your purposes.

Safety Inspections

While there are several safety inspection apps available including our own HSEatWork, for domestic or small business safety inspections, Go-Inspect is a robust solution that can be used rather than having to add another software solution to your arsenal. Create a simple safety checklist which ensures you cover all the important aspects of safety at home or the workplace. You can even use Go-Inspect as a reminder at regular intervals to check all those little things around the house such as smoke alarms, drains, burglar alarms, gutters etc. ensuring that your home is perfectly safe and free from potential issues.

Workplace Inspections

Inspections in the workplace can be an unpopular annoyance but with Go-Inspect, you can create and manage these in a simple and discreet way.

Create a checklist for anything from project management to a cleaning schedule.

The ease of having all the data in one place as well as being able to assign each task to individual or multiple people makes it all the more simple.

Warehouse Inspections

Within any warehouse, constant changes, movement of stock and the general business of the area means that regular inspections are important in order to ensure smooth operation.

Using Go-Inspect, you can create individual inspections and allocate them to the relevant staff members.

Things like stock checking, receiving and sending deliveries, cleaning and maintenance can all have simple checklists created for them to ensure a consistent approach is maintained while all data is instantly available to management allowing for greater efficiency and less wasted time.

Inspection Data Security

The security of data is of paramount importance to Kore Support and so they have implemented 512bit security to Go-Inspect as well as daily backups of all data to their secure cloud. In the internet age, this is extremely important and along with all the other benefits of the inspection solution, the added security of Go-Inspect should be a major factor in your decision to adopt it instead of paper based inspections and reporting.

If you would like to trial Go-Inspect free for 14 days click here

Available on all major mobile platforms

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