Go-Inspect: Vehicle Inspection Software and App

The versatility of Go-Inspect makes it ideal for inspections of all types of vehicles. Whether you're inspecting vehicles for insurance, solicitors, fleet management, pre purchase or post repair, Go-Inspect should be your go-to inspection app.

The easy to use interface allows even the least tech-confident person carry out vehicle inspections on their own phone with customized checklists and instructions which have been created beforehand by management and ensure that all necessary information is entered and complete. When the inspection is complete, the completed work is uploaded to the portal and allows management or other staff to analyse the data and create the report necessary.

Customisable Vehicle Inspection Checklists

No matter what the reason for carrying out a vehicle inspection, you can quickly and easily create and adapt your checklists before sending it to the inspector who receives it through an app on their phone and proceeds with the inspection.

  • Does a client have a particular need in their inspection?

  • Do you need to focus on specific areas of the vehicle?

  • Perhaps it is clear that only the bodywork needs to be inspected.

No problem for Go-Inspect.

Simply adapt your checklists and inspection items to suit the need and ensure that your report doesn’t have lots of unsightly empty spaces or even avoid having more work done than is necessary!

Go-Inspect empowers you to ensure that you get what needs done, done – quickly and easily, without the hassle of paperwork.

Fast, Efficient Vehicle Inspections

Imagine having all of the inspection data on your computer screen within seconds of the inspection being completed. No need to worry about lost/incomplete paperwork, distance between the inspection area and the admin office and most importantly – no more struggling to understand poorly written and smudged checklists leading to delays and incorrect information!

Your inspector could be carrying out the inspection in a different city or out at a customer’s house – no problem! Seconds after completion, the admin team have all the details they need to contact the customer and give them details, results and pricing if required.

Customers will be astonished with the speed and efficiency of your service, your inspectors can spend more time inspecting and you can get on with increasing your bottom line rather than chasing inspectors for missing information!

Inspection Data Security

The security of data is of paramount importance to Kore Support and so they have implemented 512bit security to Go-Inspect as well as daily backups of all data to their secure cloud. In the internet age, this is extremely important and along with all the other benefits of the inspection solution, the added security of Go-Inspect should be a major factor in your decision to adopt it instead of paper based inspections and reporting.

If you would like to trial Go-Inspect free for 14 days click here

Available on all major mobile platforms

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